Affinity groups are small groups of people who organise and take action together. They’ve proven to be effective at enhancing activist support, sustainability and safety. At their core, they’re small groups of people who trust each other and have similar views on their preferred types and levels of actions. Classically AGs were all about Action, but XR AG’s are for everyone.  Your group may elect to start slow by learning about XR and the climate crisis as a group. Community and bonding is of the utmost importance. 

Your AG may elect to start a book club, meditation circle, intramural soccer team, to name a few examples, as a way to get to know each other. Seasoned activists that are well acquainted with XR’s DNA can get right down to putting on their own direct actions, while others may start slower. As your understanding of each other and XR grows you can hit the streets putting on your own XRWA events and actions. When it comes time for big actions the Action Working Group will put out a call for AG’s to play critical roles in mass actions, and you’ll have a trusted group of rebels to work with.

From Guerilla Gardening to the global phenomenon of the Red Rebels – a whole bunch of WA Rebels are connecting on Facebook. If you don’t use Facebook and want to get involved in actions, email or come along to our next Intro to XR event and find your group in person! The Action Kit below outlines everything you need to know to build your team, get informed and get active.