COVID-19 Community Support Resources

People everywhere are banding together to help each other practically, emotionally and financially as this mass system disruption takes effect.

Community-building is a core aspect of XR, and it is the main thing we need to do right now!

Let us be the community that looks after the people left behind by this broken system.

Let us help each other through this mass system disruption.

Let us keep focus on the climate and ecological emergency that continues to unfold.

Food Donations Needed

Some of the most vulnerable people to COVID-19 are those who struggle for food and shelter.

Every charity we’ve spoken to are desperate for food donations – can you work in your group (see below to start one) to pull together food packs and drop off to your nearest charity?

Group collection/delivery is best to reduce physical interactions.

Sign up with Volunteers WA

Volunteers WA have created a special Emergency Volunteers registration – they will match people with services requiring help!

Hygiene protocols

Comprehensive list of COVID-19 precautions.

Stay Connected

We’re developing a full online program of events – from Yoga and Live Music, through to Town Hall talks and Peoples Assemblies and Working Group meetings.

In some ways it’s even easier to get involved!

and… strangely fun to be #AloneTogether !


Meet your street

Connect up with every household in your street – we will need each other in coming weeks and months.

This is known as ‘mutual aid’ – helping each other without Big Brother.

Here is how-to do it safely, and a flyer design to print.

Connect your street to:

  • do shopping runs
  • look out for that isolated person, are they OK?
  • walk their dog
  • share precious toilet paper
  • invent cool activities to stay connected, but apart.
  • Driveway dinners, anyone?

Connect with others in your postcode

We’ll put you in touch with other Rebels in your area.

Also – try a search for local groups on Facebook or at:
Helpful Neighbours

But note – it really is best to connect to your neighbours first!

Pull it together

Help us track the various community services that need help, or that are offering help.

You’ve seen that food delivery service advertised…list it here!

You know of a fantastic Facebook group in your area…list it here!

You know a charity desperate for help…list it here!

It’s really hard to keep track of a social media feed or other news sources.

Help us create a really useful resource that just lists them all!