The Rebellion will be Regenerative

Debrief of the Festival of Love and Rage

On Thursday 3rd December, we will hold our all-in debrief following the Festival of Love and Rage.

Debrief is at Uniting Church in the City, Main Hall. Head into 97 William Street entrance and go through to lift. Go to 1st floor. Walk around past offices and keep walking till you find the Hall. You have found us!!

Arrive from 5pm, BYO dinner, for debrief from 6-9pm.

Everybody is welcome to come, reconnect and share your thoughts and feelings about the action.

Principle #5 is to Reflect and Learn, so as to continually improve. One of the key conditions for movements to be successful, is to be persistent! Our Demands were not met on Friday – so what is next?

If you can’t make it – you might like to make a note and reply back to so that we can add it to the discussion on Thursday:

  • What did you see that made an impression on you?

  • What was great?

  • What would you do again or improve on?

  • What was not great?

  • What would you like to avoid next time?

  • What do you think should come next?

When we disrupt, we are often disrupted. Post-Action care and wellbeing are vital to our movement being strong and regenerative!

What is Regenerative Culture? Download the Regen 101 Booklet here.

Thank you for your actions in protecting our earth – now its time to care for you!

You may have just been in a situation that can result in a stress response.

This can manifest itself physically, cognitively and emotionally in the body.

Stress reactions can occur immediately or be delayed for hours, days or weeks after the event.

Stress reactions are usually temporary – most individuals find the reactions have resolved within days or first weeks.

Taking care of yourself after a stressful incident.

Things to do:
  • Get home safely –
  • Communicate with others
  • Get some exercise (within the first 24 hours)
  • Eat well balanced meals
  • Engage in specific relaxing strategies
  • Increase your level of rest
  • Try to maintain a normal, active and productive schedule.
Things to avoid:
  • Use of alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc
  • Use of stimulants such as caffeine
  • Watching overly stimulating/violent/shocking TV shows or movies
  • Life changing decisions

Now its time to engage your own self-care tool-kit!

What activities help maintain your wellbeing?

Do you have any particular concerns or issues you need help with? Contact XRWA Regenerative Culture group using the form below.

Or call Lifeline to talk to a free, friendly, professional counsellor: 13 11 14

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