Meet a diverse group of great, motivated people, and help keep the wheels of the Rebellion oiled!

Working Groups (WGs) have specific areas of focus – each one is different and does not overlap with the others.

For example, Legal Support WG helps educate Rebels on our legal rights, and helps coordinate legal support in the case of arrest, etc. Media and Messaging WG develop relationships with traditional media, and run our social media, newsletter and website communications. There are several others – check them out here!

Each WG has an Internal Coordinator whose role it is to generally make sure meetings are scheduled and happening, minutes are taken and made available, and checks in on WG members to see how they are going, make sure people a) aren’t overloaded; b) are fulfilled and c) are getting stuff done. This is an emergency!

To be an Internal Coordinator – you don’t have to have specific knowledge or skills in that WGs are of interest – you just need to help keep people organised. Good admin skills are a bonus!

Quite often, our Working Groups’ Internal Coordinators are also very hands-on in the work of that WG… this means that the added work of keeping the wheels turning can add up to quite a burden as the weeks go by. We’d love your help to step up as an Internal Coordinator!

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